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Industrial hygiene is the science of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling workplace conditions that may cause workers injury or illness. Industrial hygienists use environmental monitoring and analytical methods to detect the extent of worker exposure and employ engineering, work practice controls, and other methods to control potential health hazards.


Today, nearly every employer is required to implement the elements of an industrial hygiene and safety, occupational health, or hazard communication program and to be responsive to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Act and its regulations.


What is a Worksite Analysis?

A worksite analysis is an essential first step that helps an industrial hygienist determine what jobs and work stations are the sources of potential problems. During the worksite analysis, the industrial hygienist measures and identifies exposures, problem tasks, and risks. The most effective worksite analyses include all jobs, operations, and work activities. The industrial hygienist inspects, researches, or analyzes how the particular chemicals or physical hazards at that worksite affect worker health. If a situation, hazardous to health is discovered, the industrial hygienist recommends the appropriate corrective actions.


Iris Environmental Laboratories offers consulting services and products for safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental health including indoor Air Quality and Mold Inspections.

We also offer analysis strategies to ensure that appropriate chemicals are investigated. Iris can determine a client’s regulatory compliance with the worker health and safety standards. Furthermore, laboratory scientists are familiar with the research on which many of the industrial standards are based. We can also provide an interpretation of chemical concentrations measured. The company prides itself in its ability to present findings to Clients in a manner that is educational, accurate, and non-threatening, while being aware of the sensitive nature of this information to all concerned parties.

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